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Hey everybody!

So, Team Exuberant moved to Wales in 2019. 🙂

As such we've taken PT and nutrition coaching services off the menu till we settle in and figure out what the next Exuberant steps might be.

Hwyl fawr am y tro! 👋



Hey! I'm Emma.

I qualified as a class coach and personal trainer in 2017, and prior to that spent 17 years in the NHS as a registered nurse.

I am not your traditional exercise professional! In fact, if somebody had told me even 3 years ago that I would be a doing this now I would have laughed myself silly!

I don't come from a sports background or even from a place of enjoying exercise. I do now (most of the time!) but it has taken me a while to get here. Along the way I have learnt that the key to sticking with exercise (and anything else) is a whole heap of self compassion and finding things that you actually like to do, as well as accepting that it can suck a bit (BURPEES!!) and being ok with that.

As a trainer and coach, I support others in getting the most from their training and help them gain an improved quality of life along the way, from being fitter, healthier and more confident people.

My approach to training clients is to be empathetic and encouraging. I understand how it feels to be scared/guilty/lacking in confidence/self-conscious. I’ve been there and got several t-shirts! I will not judge you for how you feel or tell you that you shouldn’t feel that way, but hopefully, through supportive training and seeing progress, those feelings will decrease and maybe even go away.

I just want you to feel good about you and enjoy the exercise you do. For those of you that already love working out, I can push you to reach your potential and make it even more challenging in creative ways.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Hey there.

I’m Tracy. I'm the founder of Exuberant and, starting back in 2012, built up and worked with a client base of truly lovely people who are a pleasure to train and coach.

In 2017, I started working as a coach for an awesome company called Precision Nutrition.

That meant taking a huge step back from Exuberant and leaving its present and future in the capable hands of my wife, Emma.

I am still here as an advisor and mentor, but as far as PT and Nutrition Coaching goes from January 2018 onwards, that's Emma's domain.

I know she'll take really good care of you.