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Hey! I’m Tracy. I'm the founder and Head Coach at Exuberant, Crossfit coach and Nutrition Lead at Solv, and an L2 Masterclass Coach (and soon to be Women's Coach) at Precision Nutrition.

Thanks for stopping by. Want some info about me and what I’m all about? You’ve come to the right place.

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2008.

I wanted to be a trainer from about 2001 but, for one reason or another, chose to spend the intervening 6 years faffing about doing jobs that I was good at but really didn’t like. You know how we do that? Strange really. Eventually I reached a point where I couldn’t do that anymore – I couldn’t hack working in jobs that didn’t float my boat, fuel my fire or make me in any way happy (I worked in local government, if you’d like to know!), so I got myself a shovel and started digging my escape tunnel and set about being a Personal Trainer. Fast forward a couple of years and I jumped out of the safe, local government job I had and went to work in a gym as a PT, earning peanuts at first, building my business and skills.

I now specialise in coaching people to actually do the things they need to do from a health and fitness point of view, so that they can change their bodies and feel amazing day to day.

Because you can know everything there is to know about nutrition and exercise, but if you can't put it into practice, you may as well not know anything! Results only come from workouts that are done and good food that is eaten. My priority is making it as compelling as possible for my clients to adopt amazing habits and work on them every day.

I also specialise in making the complex simple - and entertaining.

Believe it or not, eating a great diet and exercising regularly can seem really boring - if you haven't had the right person explain it to you or learned how to fall in love with great food and movement!

I won't wear you down with talk of how many calories are in a gram of fat, how you need to weigh every bit of food you eat or the health benefits of every single green vegetable there is. I will work with you so that you become able to live out the health habits that you want. We'll figure out what's getting in the way and shift it, together.

Being holier than thou isn't my style.

Because 1) I love cheesecake. Really love it. And any personal trainer who says they eat perfectly is lying.

And because 2) We all fall over from time to time, mess up, eat rubbish, skip training. We can't do perfect. It's just not a human possibility.

So I don't preach at people. I just explain what's going on, how things affect us and then encourage, encourage, encourage.

I'm big into self compassion.

So you'll never find me shouting at my clients. I don't do drill sergeant and I'm not the food police. I do do kindness and understanding. That's not to say I don't push people to achieve their best. It's to say that when they fall over on the way, I'm one of the ones helping them back up.

So that’s the PT side of me. As for the person side, here’s some things you might want to know:

I live in Pershore with my gorgeous wife Emma and our two rescue pups, Copper and Buzz. I also work for Precision Nutrition, which is an absolute dream come true as they are all kinds of awesome, plus I work as Nutrition Lead and Crossfit Coach at Solv, which is also an absolute joy. My pups feature quite a lot in my video workouts, mooching around in the background, doing bonkers running or hanging on to my trousers when I’m trying to run. I jump around a lot, especially when I’m excited about something - hence:

I read a lot of books, am fairly inseparable from my bobble hats in the winter and I drink a lot of fizzy water (my sodastream changed my life!).

If I could have any skill in the world, I’d be able to play the drums. Or dance. As it is, my hands and feet are too intrinsically linked to follow different rhythms and I have been reliably informed that I dance like a fraggle.

There are other things. But that’s enough for now.

Let me just run through my qualifications before I go because I promised above that I would. Here they are:

  • Future Fit Level 3 Personal Training
  • Premier Masters in Personal Training
  • Nordic Walking UK Instructor
  • Achievement Specialists Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Rehab Trainer UK
  • Exuberant Animal (this is to do with playful movement, not actual animals!)
  • Virgin Active Kettlebell Instructor
  • Future Fit Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Training
  • Advanced Functional Trainer (Assess and Solve)
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Metabolic Effect Nutritional Consultant Level 1
  • GP Referral Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
  • Obesity and Diabetes Level 4
  • Low Back Pain Level 4
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coaching Masterclass
  • Crossfit Level 1

I know my stuff. And I continue to study on a daily basis. Learning is really important, not least because I have to pass on what I know to you!

So that's me. I hope to meet you soon!