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Category Archives: Nutrition

Every time you eat…

you are making a decision to either burn fat or store it. You may not realise that, but it’s true. It’s all to do with what you put on your plate. Are we what we eat? If we’re consciously trying to be “good” about what we eat, we are often guided by this phrase of […]

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Why do you eat?

Cravings are interesting, challenging things. We can crave certain foods because our blood sugar has dropped, as we saw last week. We can crave certain foods because our brain chemistry is out of whack – low serotonin levels will have you seeking salty carbohydrates, for instance. But possibly the most difficult-to-crack causes of cravings are […]

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Trigger your actions and triple your success

Trying to change something?  Maybe try using “action triggers” – they could triple your chance of success. I was reading about this in a book called “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath, whilst on the train to Birmingham going to an event I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to.  You know how you end […]

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