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food loggingSo, you want to improve your eating habits!

Sounds good to me - that's a process I went through a few years back myself and it did me the world of good.

My clients will testify to the power of nutrition coaching for helping you get control of some of your more wayward habits. There's just something really powerful about having someone working with you to help you figure out what's going to work to help you get a grip on how to eat healthy.

How does it work?

There's a few options open to you.

You could go for a Nutrition Road Map, if you specifically want to unpick your unhealthy eating habits and rebuild those into super strong healthy ones, with some assistance from me.

Or you could go for a custom approach where we work together once a week/fortnight for 30-60 minutes, discuss what it is that you need to change and come up with options for making that happen.

Or you could sign up for the Solv Nutrition Academy, when we launch that VERY SOON!

Whichever route you go, as the weeks go by you'll build up positive behaviour upon positive behaviour and before you know it you'll find yourself the proud owner of a whole bunch of new habits. Like these:

  • you take healthy foods out with you on your travels, rather than leaving your diet to the mercy of the newsagent/garage/whatever you can cobble together
  • you eat a number of portions of vegetables every single day!
  • you eat more protein and less starchy carbs
  • the carbs you do eat are high quality and low sugar
  • when you "treat" eat, you do so mindfully and with full enjoyment
  • you eat moderately, flexibly and without need of stringent "rules"
  • you plan your meals and take time to prep your food each week

Essentially, through the process of nutrition coaching, you learn how to become a healthy eater, you get to and maintain a healthy weight/body size and all of your health markers - blood sugar, cholesterol, etc - get better.

Before you go, here's some other bits and bobs you might find interesting about the nutrition coaching process:

  • You won't be lectured about what you should and shouldn't do.
  • You won't be made to eat things you don't like.
  • I will teach you useful stuff about nutrition where relevant and if you're interested.
  • You won't get a meal plan to follow. We can come up with recipes and meal ideas if it helps.
  • We will stick to your agenda. I don't have one beyond helping you the best I can.
  • You will be working on your mindset as much as the actual foods you eat.
  • Face to face coaching happens via Skype or in Pershore
  • You can combine PT with your nutrition sessions if you'd like.

What could you achieve?

Lots! Here are just some of the things my clients have achieved:

  • reduced J's HBa1C from 88 to 56 in 12 weeks through diet and exercise alone (no med increases or changes)
  • helped J to kick her "2 glasses of wine a night" habit and massively improved her sleep in doing so.
  • helped S, D, F, K, K, J and countless others lose significant amounts of body fat through the application of the 12 Habits.
  • coached S into a place of self compassion and self-trust with food, so she stopped beating herself up about "wrong" choices and learned how to be flexibly healthy.
  • came up with effective strategies to enabled R to eat healthily despite travelling for work every week.
  • helped J figure out a strategy of "mini meals" to prevent him from eating junk in the evening "danger zone" (that time between 8-10 when we all seem to find it harder not to get sucked in by all forms of junk food! :))

That'll probably do for now, or we'd be here all day. 🙂

It's not a quick fix, this. But, as with most things that take time to master, the results are long lasting.

If you're ready to get a grip on your eating habits once and for all, get in touch on or 07748987573. I look forward to meeting you!