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food loggingHere's the thing.

You'll find short-term, "get-ripped-quick" programs everywhere. On the front cover of magazines, you'll see promises like "lose 2 dress sizes in just 6 weeks!", and tv ads will alert you to the possibility that on *this* program, you can lose more weight than you ever dreamed of, in no time at all.

We aren't going to make you those promises. Because they're built on sand.

Any "dream body" you can create in 30 days won't still be in your life in 30 months. If you can get there quickly, you'll be leaving it behind just as fast.

If that's your jam, then by all means fill your boots. Wander into your nearest WH Smiths and you'll find a hundred magazines with all the weight loss, get shredded, blast unwanted body fat in just 7 days, so go, get started on that. Instant gratification is a powerful driver and you've gotta get that out of your system before you'll be anything *like* ready for what we've got to offer here. If that's you, no worries - you can stop reading now.

But for all of you still with me, you're ready for something different. Something meaningful.

You want to become the kind of human who's capable of REAL, lasting, change.

Not for you the robotic, mindless following of a meal plan.

Nor the life of counting calories.

Nor the short blitzs of being a health nut followed by long stints of remaining a junk food fiend.

We can help you with that.

Let's set this up with a truth bomb right out the blocks:

Change - especially changing your body through changing your eating habits - is one of THE most whackadoodle processes you'll ever go through.

Change is incremental. It is slow. There are no - literally ZERO, nada, none-at-all-no-siree-bob! - short cuts or quick fixes.

The things you need to do may well seem simple but the actual doing of them...well, that's not so simple, as it turns out. You'll run the gauntlet of long-held, deeply rooted habits. Those suckers don't give up their grip on you so easy. That's because there's a reason for their existence. They serve some kind of purpose, whether you know it or not, and when you start rattling them off their hinges, all manner of other stuff suddenly starts coming down around your ears.

Try and do that fast, and the whole kit and kaboodle falls apart. That's what has us scuttling back into our comfort zones time and time again - when we try to change something complex thinking it's easy, when we try to change ALL the things all at once thinking a clean sweep will do us good - that's the very representation of biting off more than you can chew. It becomes SO uncomfortable that the very idea of sustaining that change effort becomes intolerable. Laughable, even : "what WAS I thinking?!?!".

For change to work, for you to succeed, you cannot "overhaul". You must develop awareness, build skills and then practice the heck outta those things to intentionally replace old habits with new ones in a way that lasts.

THIS is the difference between:

  • finally cracking your food struggles and continuing to yo-yo for the rest of ever.
  • learning to love, accept and understand your body and constantly fighting it.
  • finding peace and surety in looking after your body and always being on the lookout for the next best diet, workout, trick that's going to get you the results you want.

Whilst we're on the truth-bus here, I may as well be SUPER upfront about something else too.

In a quick fix program, it's easy to stick the distance. You can haul ass through dips in motivation - it's only for 6 weeks. You can put your real life on ice for 6 weeks too - you'll be able to snap back to it soon enough. It's only a few short weeks of saying no to everything you enjoy, drinking with your friends, eating cake. Just a few short weeks and you can stop setting your alarm so early to food prep. Soon, you'll be able to loosen that tight leash and kick back...

Then what? Any results you've picked up through your white-knuckling will be long gone within another few short weeks, and you're right back where you started.

In contrast, our longer-term, 12 month program sounds like a dream, right? ALL that time to learn and practice and grow and develop...

Yup. But it's not going to be all unicorns and daisies. 12 months is a long time. You can achieve A LOT in this time, for sure, but you will hit some roadbumps too. Like these:

  • The GRIND. When motivation goes MIA and everything healthy feels like a massive drag.
  • Injuries and illness. Perhaps you pick up a booboo in the gym. Perhaps you get a cold, your hayfever pulls you under or you get stomach flu. Whatever form it takes, something will derail you from doing things as "perfectly" as you'd like.
  • Life things. Life has a habit of throwing unanticipated changes your way, doncha find? At some stage - maybe multiple stages - something will come up for you that you weren't banking on. Maybe you'll change your job. Maybe you'll move house. Maybe something else. But there will be something.
  • Plateaus. Results can be tardy off the blocks for some. For others, they'll rush in, then slow down...then stop. And yet, your effort may still be high. And yet, other people who appear to be doing less appear to be crushing it! Be prepared for this fun little bump in the road
  • Grumps and Fits of the Soddits. Change is hard, and your emotions are going to come along for the ride. Expect days where all kinds of crap comes up and sorely tests your best intentions to stay the course.

I tell you these things, not to scare or dissaude you, but to be real with you about what lies ahead.

This is the authentic truth of an honest, productive, effective change process.

We'll be right with you all the way, helping you to navigate these choppy waters. You won't be on your own here, but truthfully, even with the epic support, encouragement and care we'll bring to the party, this course is NOT for those who are quick to quit. It's NOT for those who aren't in this for the long haul, come rain or shine, hell and high water.

We'll be right by your side the whole way, but YOU are the one who needs to walk this path. Part of our support for you starts here - we can't send you out on a path we know is gonna get rocky without giving you the heads up. We want you striding out into lion country with your best lion-taming gear packed and ready to use.

The upshot here is this. Our lives are messy. Our emotions are many. Both of these things mean that a 12 month change program will NOT be a walk in the park.

And with that said, if you're still reading, then YOU are one of the few - a ninja-in-training ready to take on this next level challenge.

You are done with crash diets. You're tired of getting on the quick fix, hardcore-effort wagon only to get thrown off every time. You're ready for something different
Awesome. We're here for you.

This is where you finally make the break - into a life where you eat, move and live better, for keeps. And even though you wish it would happen fast, you've been around long enough to know that isn't on the cards. You're ready to do the work and make the commitment to the long haul.

Let's paint a picture of your AWESOME future.

  • You eat better, without feeling deprived or having to diet. Heck, you actually enjoy it.
  • You use your own internal cues, rather than external food rules, to guide you.
  • You build healthy eating into your life in a way that fits in rather than takes over.
  • You achieve your goals, despite a busy and full life
Not just that, but this too...
  • You learn how to maintain your goals, despite that same busy life.
  • You lose weight/fat that's been hanging around for years.
  • If you don't lose that weight/fat, you cease to see it as important to do so. You build a sense of confidence in and about your body.
  • You gain clarity about what to do, and how to do it. No more diet roller coaster for you!
Not just that either, but this too...
  • You feel less pain, more vibrancy and you're full of the joys of life.
  • You feel mentally alert, physically comfortable and overall contented.
  • You make friends again with food. Movement is easy. Self care comes naturally.

This is the hopeful future up for grabs. This could be YOUR future.

Our program can and does deliver all of this - and more. But it only works if you do.


It's hard question time. Are you ready to DO this?

If you are, email emmareckprocoach@gmail.com to book your consultation. 🙂

If you're kinda teetering...but more information would help, no worries - click here!