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Wanna eat better? Give your head some love.

Are you in control of ALL your food choices?

You only eat when you’re hungry, right?

Except those times you eat something indulgent and AWESOME because you choose to, with clarity of thought and zero judgement.

And you ALWAYS choose the highest quality, MOST nutritious food you can.


Every day, there you go, knocking it out of the park with your greens and your lean protein.

Sound like you?



If you’re like the VAST majority of people round here, other things frequently call the shots.




Negative emotions.

These things put themselves firmly and unwantedly in the driving seat several times every week.

Whaddya say - is this ringing true for you?

When a food choice is made, and it has NOTHING to do with helping you achieve your health goals, odds on there’s something like this pushing your buttons.

So here’s the thing- when this is happening, all of our choices *feel* like they sit far beyond our control.

They don’t.

You hold the cards here! Yeah!

But you likely gotta go about it in a different way to how you’re used to.

You won’t change this pattern by thinking harder about food and “knuckling down”.

You can’t beat a tiredness fuelled chocolate binge by trying a different macro split.

You can’t exercise your way out of these habit loops.

Instead of working on your body and thinking about how you need to BE better, TRY harder, strive for perfection (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t even exist), you need to go in the opposite direction.

Pull a 180 on that bad boy.

Shift your focus upwards, to that bunch of nerve endings and electrical impulses that sits in your skull.

Mental and emotional anguish has an overwhelming ability to cause us to bail on our goals, especially those that revolve around food and exercise.

That anguish right there - THAT’S what we need to deal with.

When you’re really tired, how easy it is for you to stick to your meal plan?

Truthfully, at that point, you don’t CARE about your meal plan, right?

When we’re under mental or emotional duress, our plans have an uncanny knack of ceasing to matter.

The issue here isn’t that the meal plan is crap or that you need to tap into your motivation better.

You need to deal with your tiredness.

Feel free to sub in the word “stress” here. Or “boredom”. Or any negative emotion.

You can’t rid your life of these things, nor do you need to.

But you do need to give your brain a hand.

Here’s the idea.

When we exercise hard, we balance that out with easy movement to help our body to recover. That’s active recovery.

So riddle me this - you work your mind hard all day long, but how often do you engage in active recovery for your head?

When your mind is a happier, more peaceful place, your choices are better across the board. Good food happens. Exercise gets done.

What do you do to make a happy, peaceful mind?

Treat it like anything else you care for!

Instead of thrashing it day in day out, making it solve problems at work, at home, for you and others ALL the time, plan in some rest stops.

DELIBERATELY make time to soothe your mind.

Take it for a walk in a peaceful place.

Let it sleep more.

Give it something to laugh at and get lost in.

Help it build up the structures that make it better through meditation and mindfulness.

Treat it to meaningful connections with other humans.

Make time for it to do the things it loves, be that listening to music, creating art, writing, sailing, whatever.

Give it a break when it starts to flounder and flail around for energy.

When you notice it struggling to concentrate, fighting to focus, let it off the leash to go get refreshed.

Making your mind’s health and well-being a hard priority in your life is one of THE most necessary things you need to do if you really want to be that person who eats well and does regular fitnessing.

Get loving on your mind and your body will love you for it.

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