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To get the basic idea of how the program works, ask yourself:

“If I had a year to change my life and health habits…and created a plan that helped me move forward EVERY day, what would that look like?"

Happily, the awesome folk at Precision Nutrition (a team of scientists, counsellors, and educators who are PhDs, MScs, RDs, etc) did ask themselves that question. And, from within their brilliant minds, here's the result - a proven, research-backed, effective system that helps you to create MASSIVE change within your life.

Here's how it works, in a nutshell.

The program is a full 12 months, divided into 2-week habit blocks.

Every day:

  • You log in to your personal home page.
  • (This is called your “Today” page, because it tells you what to do today.)
  • You get a lesson to read.
  • You also get a habit - a small task to do.

Every week:

  • You measure and record your progress.
  • (This can be your body measurements and/or any other indicators that you want to track, such as energy levels or adherence to an exercise routine.)

Every 2 weeks:

  • You get a new habit to try and practice.

Every month:

  • You upload a photo as part of your progress tracking (if you want to).
  • We run a seminar for you at Solv to deepen your learning and give you space to connect with your coaches, ask questions and come together with those on the same journey!

Want to know more?

Cool - let's head down the rabbit hole a little further! Click:

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