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Meal plans are dead.

There is no point WHATSOEVER in me giving you a detailed list of foods you should be eating, in what grammage and on what day. You know, like this:

Breakfast: 2 medium eggs with 30g spinach and 40g peppers
Lunch: half an avocado with 30g brown rice and 60g chicken breast
Dinner: 50g quinoa with 50g steak and a big green salad
Snack: protein shake

I can see you rolling your eyes from here. 🙂

That style of nutrition coaching is gone. Why? Because there’s no coaching in there! Tell me, if your diet looked like this:

Breakfast: 3 custard creams and a large cappuccino
Lunch: Tuna melt panini, chicken flavour crisps and a Mars bar
Dinner: Fish fingers, chips and beans
Snack: half a tub of Haagen Daaz

how do you bridge the gap between that and the “perfect” diet above?

Well, given that that was my crappy diet a few years back (yes, seriously, that was how I used to eat!), I can tell you trying to jump from one to the other doesn't work. I've since watched hundreds of people try to follow this approach and it doesn't work for them either!

This is what happens: you try to follow the “perfect” diet plan for a few days, find it waaaaaay difficult, boring, tasteless and outside of your skill zone. You have leftover avocado and chicken that you don’t need to use again till Friday, by which time it's gone off and that annoys you. Your tastebuds reject quinoa out of hand. You grieve for the chocolate you are no longer "allowed" to eat.

You quit within a week.

This is by no means unique to you, this batting back and forth from awful to perfect to awful to perfect and so on, ad infinitum. The issue is that this approach doesn't work. The gap between awful and perfect is too big.

That doesn’t mean it’s unbridgeable - that's the good news. It just takes a smarter approach to make the jump and stick the landing.

That's where your Nutrition Road Map comes in!

Here you are, in EatingCrapsville.

You want to get to GoodFoodTown.

They’re miles apart. No problem - you just need to make a few stops on the way!

You’re gonna need to visit BetterBreakfast City, LeanerLunch Avenue, DesirableDinnerston.

You’re also going to have to pass through Habit Town, Trigger Street and WhyAmIDoingThis Road.

Let me show you what that looks like in practice. What does creating your personalised Nutrition Road Map really mean?

Week 1

First up, we'll sit down together and:

  • Look at your diet. What does it currently look like? What are you eating, when and how much? This will be our baseline.
  • Clarify why you want to improve your eating habits - what are your goals? What do you want to change, and why does that matter to you? What are your values? This will help us tap into your motivation at a deeper level.
  • Identify a number of Action Steps that would move you forward towards a better diet. These will be small enough to chew on and stick at, but big enough to make a difference, especially when you put them all together.
  • Put those Action Steps into a stage-by-stage, timed, 4 week action plan. This will just be our jumping off point where we'll start to test different options and ideas. Over the course of the 12 week period this will definitely evolve!

That’s the first stage. We’ll spend 90 mins getting into the nitty gritty of where you currently are, where you want to go, and which route to take to get you there safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Weeks 1-4

After this first meeting, you’ll have 4 weeks of actions to implement and you’ll head off to go to work on what we’ve come up with. Your job is just to do your best and see what comes up. During this period, notice what works and what doesn't, what helps you and what gets in your way.

I'll be around by email or text to answer questions or help you through any sticking points.

Week 5

After that first 4 weeks has elapsed, we’ll get together again for an hour to review the progress you’ve made.

What will have happened is that some of the Action Steps will have been bang on the money and you’ll have flown with those. Others will not have taken, for one reason or another. This is totally normal and always the way! Not every Action Step that looks like it's a winner will be right for you. No bother. That's why we're taking stock. If we need to change direction slightly, we can do that here.

You WILL be becoming more ninja, though - you'll have started to notice more about what helps you, what gets in your way, what drives you forward and what holds you back. This makes you more savvy about how to hold onto the habits you want.

What’s for sure is that you’ll have improved things, and now we'll build on that with another set of Action Steps that’ll take you to Week 8.

Weeks 5-8

The baton passes back to you again and you’ll have 4 weeks of actions to implement. Again, your job is just to do your best and see what comes up. During this period, notice what works and what doesn't, what helps you and what gets in your way.

I'll be around by email or text to answer questions or help you through any sticking points.

Week 9

After another 4 weeks has gone by, we’ll meet again for an hour to run the same process:

  • What did you do?
  • What did you not do?
  • What helped and what hindered?
  • What progress have you made?

and set up the Road Map of Action Steps to work on for Weeks 9-12. By now, your new habits will be building and we'll have identified the thorny issues you struggle with most.

You'll be more aware of the things that trigger your good and bad habits. You'll know the potholes you're most susceptible to falling and how, in theory, to lay a plank over them so you can walk over them safely - but you'll still be falling in, sometimes. You'll know what makes you want to bail on this whole improvement shenanigan and what makes you feel really committed. All this is essential information.

At this meeting, we'll be able to get deeper into those issues and start identifying the strategies that will help over the longer-term. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your eating habits be. This is a life-long piece of work, and by going through this Road Map process you'll have a strong foundation to keep making changes into the future.

Weeks 9-12

Back over to you once more to put the next 4 weeks of Action Steps into gear. You know the drill by now: do your best and see what comes up. Notice what works and what doesn't, what helps you and what gets in your way.

I'll be around by email or text to answer questions or help you through any sticking points.

Week 12

At the end of week 12, we'll get together for 30 minutes to review what’s happened and what’s next. From there, it’s over to you to continue the good work you’ve put in.

If you’re ready to fly solo, awesome! You now know how to create action plans of your own - you are no longer a grasshopper! Go to it and keep building and consolidating those awesome habits you've started to form.

Or, if you want to carry on with this coaching process, that’s ace too. We'll set something up that suits you.

No need to worry about all that just yet though. Let's just get started on your Nutrition Road Map and cross that Week 12 bridge when we come to it.

Ready to go? Hit the Paypal button and I'll swing by to set up our initial meeting (in other words, I'll email you). Looking forward to getting started! 🙂