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Although I’d been training and playing sports for over 35 years - since the age of fifteen - in recent years my motivation had definitely started to wane. Whilst I still ran and cycled regularly, I’d stopped using the gym and was doing very little in the way of resistance training. I’d reached the stage, as many of us do when we hit our middle years, where I really needed somebody to tell me what I should be doing; when I should be doing it; and to be on hand to make sure that I didn’t chicken out! In this regard, Emma has been a complete marvel and her many years on the frontline in the NHS gives her a brilliant foundation for coaching. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about human physiology, she’s also an excellent communicator with a genuine client-focused attitude. Emma is a lovely lady and, in all the very best ways, is certainly no pushover! She’s your coach. She knows exactly what you need to do, so you’d better just get along and do it! Apart from a few runs and bike rides, I’ve now simply outsourced my fitness to Emma. And I can’t recommend highly enough that you do the same.
Matt, Kempsey

I have been training with Emma since August. I wanted to particularly focus of strength training, improving my muscle mass. Now 4 months on I am significantly stronger, more toned with an improved posture. Emma's knowledge and experience is second to none. She can adapt a routine depending on how I am feeling or if my back won’t allow me. The routines are varied and she knows how to increase my output by setting me against the clock!! She encourages and motivates. Is fun and empathetic. I really enjoy my sessions and look forward to them. What I particularly like is every now and then Emma will show me how I have improved by sending me a message with what I did compared to 2 or 3 months ago.  For me this is very rewarding and motivating, giving me a real sense of achievement. I would recommend everyone has a trainer like Emma!
Caroline, Eckington

Emma has been my nutrition coach for the last 6 months. I have found Emma’s style of coaching to be perfect for me as I sometimes lack the motivation to keep going with the nutrition course. Emma is able to encourage me to keep going by providing weekly feedback on the lessons I have completed. She also senses when I am struggling with a particular habit and provides me with additional guidance or hints and tips on how to stay on track when I am finding it a bit tough. During our monthly 1-1 sessions we review my overall performance and discuss what’s gone well and where I need to refocus my efforts, we also look forward to the forthcoming month and what challenges the next habit will bring. With Emma’s support and guidance I feel confident that I will successfully complete the course.
Ann, Worcester

I started PT with Emma after a difficult personal time during which I’d lost all enthusiasm and confidence for any kind of exercise. Emma has been so encouraging – she sets a good routine which challenges but doesn’t destroy you! She can scale any exercise so that you never feel like you’ve failed at something and pays fine detail to any posture or injury issues. Very quickly I started to look forward to our next session and now thanks to her have the confidence to take part in group workouts. Emma has challenged me physically but also helped my confidence. I may not be the fittest or strongest at a gym but I’m there and I know there is an exercise for everyone. I would highly recommend PT with Emma.
Julie, Worcester

I can highly recommend Emma she is patient, knowledgable,and very encouraging. I wanted to get a stronger core and Emma got me started and showed me the right way to achieve this.
Sue, Pershore

I have been training with Emma since October and am seeing results as well as enjoying the sessions. She keeps a fast pace and has a great sense of humour which makes workouts fly by even when we are doing burpees! As someone who is not naturally inclined to work out, I need a coach who challenges me but also knows my limits. Emma hits that balance perfectly, correcting my posture and technique so that I am getting the maximum from each session but without overloading me so that I don’t feel defeated. She is encouraging and upbeat and I feel that I have achieved at the end of each session and I look forward to the next one. I can feel the difference in my fitness doing day to day activities and I am starting to see the difference in my clothes with only small tweaks to my diet. Thanks Emma!
Jane, Worcester

Emma has been my personal trainer for the last 12 months and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every one of our sessions together. Emma’s style is both encouraging and empathetic. My PT sessions with Emma are always varied, which is great for me as I get easily bored whilst exercising. She has got me to try lots of new things during my workouts, which I sometimes find challenging, but ultimately enjoyable. She also senses when I am not feeling 100% motivated and scales back where necessary to ensure that I am still getting the most out of my workout. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer that really listens to you and what you need to stay motivated with your training I would recommend Emma as the PT for you.
Ann, Worcester