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I started PT with Emma after a difficult personal time during which I’d lost all enthusiasm and confidence for any kind of exercise. Emma has been so encouraging – she sets a good routine which challenges but doesn’t destroy you! She can scale any exercise so that you never feel like you’ve failed at something and pays fine detail to any posture or injury issues. Very quickly I started to look forward to our next session and now thanks to her have the confidence to take part in group workouts. Emma has challenged me physically but also helped my confidence. I may not be the fittest or strongest at a gym but I’m there and I know there is an exercise for everyone. I would highly recommend PT with Emma.
Julie, Worcester

I can highly recommend Emma she is patient,knowledgable,and very encouraging. I wanted to get a stronger core and Emma got me started and showed me the right way to achieve this.
Sue, Pershore

I have been training with Emma since October and am seeing results as well as enjoying the sessions. She keeps a fast pace and has a great sense of humour which makes workouts fly by even when we are doing burpees! As someone who is not naturally inclined to work out, I need a coach who challenges me but also knows my limits. Emma hits that balance perfectly, correcting my posture and technique so that I am getting the maximum from each session but without overloading me so that I don’t feel defeated. She is encouraging and upbeat and I feel that I have achieved at the end of each session and I look forward to the next one. I can feel the difference in my fitness doing day to day activities and I am starting to see the difference in my clothes with only small tweaks to my diet. Thanks Emma!
Jane, Worcester

I feel, thanks to you, I've established a regular pattern of exercising over the last couple of years (even on "bad" weeks when motivation is low, I still do the exercises on three days) and I can't see me stopping now. I enjoy the exercising and I can see the benefits so I've no intention of letting it slip. I also have a much better idea of what sort of exercises I need to do, also which to avoid. I've found some really useful websites with lots of exercise routines and, where I would previously not have really known what to look for, I think I can now tell the ones which would be helpful for me, especially the ones with a good range of levels and alternatives. I've really enjoyed working with you and I've learned a lot from it, it's been one of the best decisions I've made and it has helped me finally develop good habits with regard to my fitness. You are an excellent PT and I think very highly of you as a coach and as a person.
Alan, Birmingham

Tracy is a great personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable about how the body works and also nutrition. She is an excellent and patient teacher and carefully plans the sessions to suit the individual's needs, gradually increasing the difficulty so that you feel the improvements in your fitness. I would thoroughly recommend Tracy.
Fiona, Worcester

For several years I’d been trying to motivate (or guilt!) myself into more regular exercise. I’ll happily leave the car at home and walk, but nothing else. I’ve never enjoyed exercise. I was quite an expert in coming up with excuses – the main one being that after many years of having ME, I’d become very protective of my energy levels. I was reluctant to take on anything strenuous in case it kicked off a relapse. I’d considered joining a Yoga class, but after some brief Youtube tutorials I decided that I was far too stiff and un-supple to attempt any moves at all in public! I’d met Tracy a few times, and decided it was time to trust someone to get me moving more. We started very gently, with some basic exercises, and we’ve gradually added to my programme as and when I’ve felt ready. We’ve done the whole thing by Skype, so it’s fitted beautifully around my erratic work schedule (another excuse neutralised!). Tracy’s coached me really well, keeping our focus on building what’s already working, and always letting me set the pace. She couldn’t be further from the stereotypical trainer, as she’s never once tried to tell me what to do – yet she’s still held me accountable. I can do about 5 times what I could manage at the start, and it feels so good to have finally taken responsibility for something that I know is important for my long term health.
Sue, Manchester

I've known Tracy for a few years now, and she's helped me to eat a lot less sugar and also designed a weights routine to complement my running - I've knocked six minutes of my 5k time and I'm on track to get a lifetime PB in the next few months!
Liz, Birmingham

Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support during the HHA programme. You never judge, you are always supportive and understanding and you help me find a positive twist on every situation. For the first time in years, I have stopped weighing myself. I don’t judge myself by what the scales say. I have always looked at those numbers and let them define me. Now I look at my behaviours and see where I can improve on those. My goal is to be fit, strong and healthy. Finding my identity is most powerful as a Mum and role model helped me with that as I then understood that I need to lead by example. I don’t want my girls lurching from one diet to the next. I what them to live a healthy balanced life. If I don’t do that, then how can I expect them to? I also understood that if I what to be is a women who is if fit, healthy and strong, I need to behave like here and she will emerge. Expecting her to reveal herself when I am still treating myself badly by eating junk food and not taking care is never going to happen. I have to be her every day and step into that. Probably the biggest lesson for me was self compassion. Learning that self compassion is NOT over indulgence, it is self love and self care was incredibly powerful and has modified my behaviour hugely. Thank you Tracy xx
Jane, Worcester

After a break from regular exercise Tracy has helped me find my motivation and love of exercise again. I really enjoyed my training sessions and felt the time spent with Tracy was thoughtfully planned and tailored to my specific needs and concerns. The sessions with Tracy have really helped me get back on track. Thanks a million!
Lucy, Pershore

I recently went to see my GP for a review and was told that I have improved my health tremendously. I have lost 6kg, but more importantly I have improved my fatty liver disease markedly. I am really pleased with the outcome and it goes without saying that this was achieved as a result of your nutrition coaching. Thank you for your guidance and support. I will continue to follow our diet plan and would definitely take your services whenever I face any health challenges.
Sulabh, Birmingham

I can not praise Tracy enough. Anybody that can take a person who hated even the thought of exercising and had it as such a low priority that it never happened, to a person that now looks forward to our weekly meets is someone very special. Impressively , she never judges and treats you as a human being and understands that stuff happens and can affect you in different ways. But as she is so bloody lovely, you don't shy away, she makes you feel good about getting back into without an ounce of guilt. Totally awesome and ace!
John, Birmingham

I started seeing Tracy post mastectomy, chemotherapy & radiotherapy to try and get back into shape. I didn't have the confidence to go to a gym so one-to-one sessions were perfect. Tracy is fantastic at motivating me but at the same time understanding that sometimes I just couldn't do what I had the previous week. She is more than "just" a PT.
Denise, Pershore

Everyone has their own methods and I have tried many of them, however being kind to yourself and working on yourself as much as your body really works for me. Tracy, this is something you have shown me and I am very grateful. You are awesome. x
Maria, Birmingham

I have been working with Tracy for several months now and I have seen great results. I am fitter, I have lost weight and I feel better than I have for years - and I have finally managed to stick to an exercise routine! Tracy is not what most people would imagine as a Personal Trainer. She will not bark at you like a demented Sergeant Major while you do 50 sit-ups. She will not shout at you if you don't keep up your exercises. What she will do is help you understand why it has happened and get you back on track. She will also help you work out a personalised exercise plan which is made for a real person, not someone who is already an athlete (unlike some PTs you will come across in gyms). She really knows her stuff when it comes to fitness, health and nutrition. She also understands people and is brilliant at giving support and encouragement when it's needed. If you've tried PTs before and been put off, or if you've been a bit scared to work with a PT, Tracy is just what you need! I would recommend her to anyone.
Alan, Birmingham

Having reached my mid 60s and now retired, I was getting chubbier and slower with every year. With a big overseas trip booked I decided now was the time get myself going again, so I could make the best of both the trip and my life in general. I wasn't looking to do a marathon, just be able to enjoy a long walk without puffing or worrying about being left behind when out with friends. Tracy was a star. She assessed my starting condition, then gave me gentle stretching and strengthening exercises, gradually increasing in difficulty and number over several months. Once I realised I had stopped puffing when getting out of the car or a chair, or thinking twice about a long dog walk, I knew we were on the right path. As I got moving I managed to lose some weight, but realise at my age it is much harder. The mobility is more important just now. The skype sessions were excellent to keep me motivated, but more importantly, to note how far I had come. Of course life gets in the way of the best intentions, but somehow between us I never really lost momentum. I am currently on that big trip, in Australia. Have been walking every day. Life is good. Thank you Tracy, without you I would still be here, but sitting in the sun, missing out on the more exciting sights.
Linda, Bewdley

Since working with Tracy as a coach, my attitude towards health and fitness has changed for the better. Tracy is supportive, understanding and through regular Skype and telephone calls, helps provide me with real-world strategies and practical techniques to improve my fitness, lose weight and enjoy peace of mind. I've subsequently recommended Tracy's work to anyone who is looking for help with their fitness or health. She is, quite simply, the best at what she does!
Richard, Birmingham

After a serious knee injury that plagued me for years, Tracy had me strength training and it has never been so strong! It genuinely changed my life, and I'm now running harder and faster than ever doing distances I couldn't even do before the injury!
Oz, Birmingham

I signed up for sessions with Tracy in September 2016. I have tried many diets and healthy eating plans during my adulthood, as well as keeping fit to a moderate level – attending circuit classes, swimming, walking and playing badminton over the years. Over more recent years, I have struggled to lose any weight, either maintaining or even putting on a stone or two over the last decade. Although I accepted to some degree that may be age related, I also hoped there might be something else I could try to lose that bit of weight I was looking to lose. My main motivator at the time was my planned wedding in April 2016. I didn’t know what to expect with Tracy, as I had never used a personal trainer before, but very quickly we settled into a routine of discussing both diet and exercise, alongside my challenges, barriers and goals. I thought I knew the basics regarding food types and varieties of exercise but I learned a lot more very quickly – particularly the change of food types in my diet, alcohol not being my friend (although it still is sometimes ☺) and tabata training. Tracy made my coaching entirely personal to me. This took into account of my likes and dislikes, time commitments, social habits, support network, fitness ability, any injuries etc. There were numerous occasions that we discussed a particular barrier and overcame it together with a plan. Realistic goals were also something we discussed a lot. My initial goal was to lose weight on the scales. However, Tracy also opened my mind to whether I would be happy achieving other goals – reducing dress sizes, becoming fitter. Although I still monitored my weight, I also came to realise that other measurements were also important for this journey and success can come in a number of ways. We've also chatted about many unrelated topics over the months (whilst training of course..!) and alongside the initial targets I had for weight loss and fitness, Tracy has helped me with other challenges I have faced and increased my confidence in certain other situations. Tracy is highly skilled at her job, inspirational, motivational, enthusiastic and fun! I'm sure she can help anyone achieve their goals and all she asks in return is for you to listen and be committed to helping achieve your own success. I achieved my goals when I thought I had tried everything and I'm sure others can too. Now my wedding is over (it was amazing!), I will continue sessions with Tracy – keeping up my fitness and maintaining my weight. I think of Tracy now as a friend, as well as a fantastic personal trainer, coach and mentor.
Sharon, Worcester

Thanks so much Tracy. Working with you has been perfect for me. You listened hard to what I was hoping to achieve, and found the hooks and barbs in my language, and spotting the opportunities and potential for gently and firmly turning my attention and actions to what would help me to take better care of myself. Your listening approach, practical suggestions, toolkit of ways to help me change and make the best of myself has helped me to move forward during what for me was a difficult time. You are not what many people would expect a personal trainer to be, you are so much more than a boot camp/nutrition sergeant major. Your thoughtful approach will stay with me forever I hope! Thank you.
Sue, Worcester

I first met Tracy networking and I was impressed with her professionalism and attitude toward fitness and nutrition (she didn't seem a usual PT type), then a friend of mine challenged me to a Wolf Run to get me fit again post giving up smoking, well I instantly panicked and got in touch with Tracy... 'HELP' I said, I have 6 months to run 10K...! Tracy set me a programme which gradually increased in difficulty as I became fitter, it's always different and never boring (although never 'easy') and I bounce out of her gym (as soon as I have caught my breath!).  I am always impressed with the amount of knowledge Tracy possesses about fitness, exercise and the human body and how nutrition helps or hinders, and that knowledge has helped me immensely. I have to say, not only does Tracy encourage me to do my best plus a bit more, she has such rock solid belief that I can do something, I usually can. I now have my strength back (and it gets better every week) my confidence is growing too!  I would (and have) recommended Tracy to anyone, regardless of current fitness, if they genuinely want to improve their fitness, shape, and themselves. I have also seen Tracy with her 'other hat' on, as a speaker. Always engaging, relevant and often humorous, she sees into our heads and dispels myths.  Not a standard speaker, I always enjoy her subjects and usually learn something too.
Debi, Evesham

Many thanks for the last 12 weeks!  Your in depth knowledge and full explanation of all the exercises you had prepared for me gave me confidence and your enthusiasm and support helped keep me keep going even when I felt like giving up!  Each week you had prepared a different programme which kept me interested and knowing you had adapted the level for me as an individual client I felt you were continually pushing me for better results.  I feel fitter and in better shape. I would have no hesitation in recommending you!
Vel, Ombersley

Just wanted to say out loud (-ish!!) - I have NO TUMMY GAP!!!! I'm so so chuffed and excited! YAYYY! Personal target 1: met!
Claire, Cheltenham

Running a marathon has been on my bucket list for so long I can hardly remember. When I won a place for Berlin 2014 I was OK with the running but I knew I needed to tone up overall & was confident that Tracy was the right person to give me the advise I needed. I am now officially a marathon runner!!! And can not recommend her highly enough for someone of any level of fitness, her knowledge is superb.
Launa, Bromsgrove

I have known Tracy via networking for over a year now. I have attended one of her courses about willpower and I have seen her give talks on a number of occasions. When I built a gym at home for me it was a natural choice for me to ask Trace to give me some personal training to set me off in the right direction both physically and mentally. I have not been disappointed, I approach the training with enthusiasm and enjoy the buzz when I have finished. Tracy put a great set of exercises together for me, then when I had mastered these, she sorted out something for me that met my requirements and ability. Tracy has fantastic in depth knowledge explaining the whys and wherefores for what she had prepared for me. She has a great enthusiasm, which rubs off and helps keep me going even when I am not quite up to it. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you Trace.
Darren, Bromsgrove

After just ONE WEEK of following the programme Tracy made me the following things have happened: 1) I can feel muscles I'd nearly forgotten about, 2) I have SOOO much more energy, 3) My Little Black Dress fits again! WOOHOO!!! High 5 Trace!
Polly, Great Witley

OMG 7 months already, the time has gone quick. It has been an amazing journey and I have LOVED it all the way. The 12 Habits and you Tracy have helped me so much and I appreciate it, thank you. I am a much happier and content person in myself and understand so much more. It will be with me for life, it is a part of my life. Well done and thank you millions.
Mandy, Worcester

I have been going to Tracy for probably 2 years on a regular basis for personal training sessions and I would not do without them now. I have always become bored with gyms in the past mainly because I never felt as if I was making progress. With Tracy the opposite is true and I know for a fact that I am now much stronger and fitter than when I started and more importantly I enjoy it so much.  Earlier this year I had issues with my left hip and leg due to carrying heavy equipment on my one side which was bad news for my posture and muscles. Due to her expert knowledge Tracy adapted the training sessions to ensure I could carry on safely at the same time as enabling me to regain strength on that side and resolve the problem. Although I am not a sports person my job is reasonably physical and being self-employed it was important to me to be able  to carry on working and the PT sessions have certainly helped me to do that. It is the attention to detail of each individual client’s needs and her caring attitude that set Tracy apart from many of her competitors.
Kathy, Worcester

I started working with Tracy, because I needed extra help and I knew it. I've done everything else known to man and it's not worked (well, those things worked temporarily but didn't make any lasting change). Tracy makes it fun and easy, and consistent. I love it - I'm hooked.
Mary, Worcester

I have been working with Tracy for a while now and I can honestly say that I haven't been this motivated to exercise before!  She is challenging but motivating and friendly. Tracy has changed my outlook on nutrition and exercise and although I have a way to go, I am confident that I will get there and stay there with the support and belief that she instills in me. Thank you Tracy.
Jan G, Evesham

For many years I have tried many diets and different exercises only to find I have given up. I met Tracy at a networking event & was very interested in her 12 Habits. Without hesitation I booked an appointment. I can honestly say the 12 Habits has been the best investment I have made. The proof is I have lost one stone in weight, I now enjoy my food, have more energy and look & feel great. Tracy's programme takes you through a step by step guide to making positive changes with consistent support throughout. I would recommend this programme to anyone - you will be amazed with the results. A big thank you Tracy for your support & guidance - I would not be where I am now without the 12 Habits.
Jayne, Droitwich

Tracy is a fount of knowledge and motivation. She adapts her level to her individual client and is remarkably flexible and creative in devising a genuinely workable programme. She is fun and entertaining at the same time as instructive. Ok, I'm not thin or fit, but, thanks to Tracy, I'm thinner and fitter and feeling very much better than in years.
Alison, Malvern

I have been working with Tracy’s 12 Habits for over four months now and I can honestly say it has been a revelation… the learning has been amazing. Understanding the science behind my eating has been really helpful, and has made it much easier to adopt these new habits into my lifestyle. Before I knew it I am now consciously taking greater care of what and when I eat…the result is I’m sleeping better and have significantly more energy…oh and yes I’m wearing a smaller dress size!!
Jan J, Birmingham

Can't recommend Tracy enough.  My health, strength and general fitness has improved and after every training session I feel brilliant and generally have a fantastically productive day!
Helen, Worcester

We all have our own challenges but Tracy helps you get to the bottom of them and builds you back up not just tell you to get over it! Tracy is fantastic at working with you on the reasons why you are looking for help and then building your confidence and ability. I've got a new focus to move forward.
Maria, Birmingham

Having decided that I needed to get fit, tone up and lose weight, I met Tracy and decided to see if I felt she could help me. I found that Tracy really listened to what I needed and so I decided to work with her via PT sessions. We formed a plan and have worked through it together, encompassing exercise and diet advice . Tracy tailored my plan for training to what suited me but also, importantly, what I enjoyed! I really enjoyed the training sessions, Tracy was great to work with, attentive and professional. She is also very well organised, flexible, reliable and punctual. Over the weeks I have seen the results of working with Tracy. I have become stronger, lost weight and toned up. For me, the major benefit is feeling strong, to be able to cope with the physical demands of life and feel good.
Anna, Worcester

I have been floundering for the last 5 years or so with regard to my lifestyle, weight and health. Since reaching that ‘time in my life’, when hormones change, my weight has increased significantly and as far as I was aware, I wasn’t eating any more or exercising any less than before. Obviously, as a woman of the world, I knew that I should be eating less and exercising more in order to lose weight, but just couldn’t seem to get it! Then I met Tracy and my world began to change. I heard her speak a few times and met her at networking events and everything she said made sense to me. Eventually I arranged to meet her to discuss how the 12 Habits could work for me. I was not looking for a quick fix. I wasn’t looking to take on a programme of diet and exercise that involved weighing myself weekly with targets in mind. I was looking to change the way I live – to feel leaner, fitter and healthier and have more energy to be able to get more out of my life. Guess what – it works!!!!!! I have found the habits sensible, reasonable and easy to take on board. The fact that they are introduced slowly allows you to fix them before moving onto the next. Tracy explains everything extremely clearly, she gives tremendous encouragement and support, but also understands what it’s like to be a normal human being and fail from time to time. I also love the encouragement and support of others in the group. I am only up to habit 6, but the difference in my life is immense. All my clothes are loose, I feel wonderful, all my friends think I have a new man in my life because I am glowing (I don’t have a new man, just Tracy) and my energy levels are so much higher than they were. In a way I wish I had weighed myself at the beginning, but really, there’s no need, because it’s obvious.  I can’t wait to get to habit 12 – who knows how I will be feeling then! I know that different regimes suit different people, but I know that Tracy can explain and adapt her methods to suit everyone and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to any one, and have passed on her details to many friends.
Sue, Droitwich

The most wonderful thing about the 12 Habits is Tracy, always there when you need a boost, never judging - just accepting and ever supportive and helpful - thank you :0).
Rose, Worcester

I met Tracy at a Women in Business networking meeting where she was the guest speaker. What she said struck a chord with me. After an initial telephone consultation I already feel inspired. Her ebook "The 12 Habits of Happily Lean People" is brilliant. My family is going through a difficult time at present and I need to concentrate initially on fuelling myself efficiently to get through the day without running out of energy. I suffer from a number of food allergies but Tracy has given me advice about balancing the foods I can tolerate to best advantage, plus lots of extra ideas that hadn't occurred to me. Once things settle down I am looking forward to doing the full 28 week plan to get myself fitter too, but will take the advice in her ebook to make small but significant changes in the meantime. Thank you so much Tracy.
4 week update:  With your brilliant advice I am (mostly) eating much better. I can tell when I have, as on those days I have more energy and no acid reflux so that is incentive enough to eat unprocessed foods wherever possible. Even my husband is getting used to eating this way too. He quite looks forward to what he calls 'surprising salads'.
Linda, Bewdley

I have dieted on and off all my life with my weight varying by up to 6 stone and I wish that I had met Tracy years ago. I have changed my whole outlook on exercise and nutrition. I am incorporating exercise into my daily routines without even thinking and feel so much better for it. The workouts are challenging but enjoyable and I can see my body shape changing. The 12 Habits have changed the way I eat! I no longer crave foods and eat a sensible healthy diet. I have lost over half a stone and haven’t felt hungry once. it’s amazing! I even look forward to my daily blog to find out the next step. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle. She is a great motivator and full of tips and advice.
Jane, Worcester

I've reached my target of losing a stone before my hols with 2 weeks to go! This has been my best pre-holiday "diet" ever and I have definitely changed my way of eating in a way I can maintain.
Debra, Droitwich

Tracy is an amazing PT with a great innovative approach - a breath of fitness fresh air.
Natalie, Worcester

Weighed and measured myself yesterday - 6 lbs lighter and 2 inches smaller 🙂 happy days! all down to less wine and Tracy (who 'motivates' me to move lots with heavy things) 🙂
Debi, Evesham

After learning the 12 Habits, I decided to put them to the test by NOT following them for 4 weeks. I spent that 4 weeks doing the opposite of what they teach, by following a low calorie diet and eating lots of carbohydrate again. I lost 7lb BUT I didn't feel or look any slimmer, and to my horror had gained 4% body fat! I was also lacking energy, feeling bloated and sluggish. That didn't work then! I got back onto using the 12 Habits, and after 2 days the bloating is gone and I have more energy again!
Fay, Worcester

Tracy is extremely hard working and professional. She made the sessions enjoyable for me and I had a great time in training with her.
Irfan, Birmingham

I would also like to say how delighted I have been with you and how much I have enjoyed my sessions. You are really excellent – committed, focused, professional, well informed and a real pleasure to work with.
Giselle, Birmingham

After 12 months at the gym, but with no real results achieved, I decided to try personal training and was recommended Tracy.  After 2 months of 1 session a week, I had dropped a dress size.  I highly recommend Tracy, she varies the programmes constantly, whilst keeping everything tailored to your abilities.  The sessions are challenging and motivating.  I really enjoy the workouts, most of which I would not have known or tried myself.  Tracy is a professional and experienced trainer who creates exercises that focus on a number of muscle areas at once, so you’re maximising your time and effort… which of course, gets the results.
Peta, Birmingham

I have been working with Tracy for 4 months now and have seen some fantastic results. Tracy is very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about fitness and it shows in every session. She is friendly, easy to work with and makes workouts fun.  Workouts are always challenging as Tracy looks to make sure that your fitness levels continue to progress. Correct posture is very important to her and she always ensures that you are exercising safely as well as effectively. Add to this her excellent motivational skills along with her knowledge of nutrition which has enabled me to change to a much healthier diet very easily I have accomplished more than I believed possible in such a short space of time.
Dawn, Birmingham

I have been training with Tracy Reck for about 8 weeks now  and she is amazing. I started out as a reluctant exerciser, Tracy has not only improved my physical fitness and coached me towards my goals, but has also changed my mental attitude towards exercise as well as cheering me up on more than one occasion. Tracy has shattered any misconceptions of how I expected a PT to be, by being supportive and encouraging whilst at the same time pushing me to work to my full potential. I love training with her.
Emma, Worcester

I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy to someone looking for a personal trainer. She is extremely professional, good natured and enthusiastic.  Since I started training with her (about 9 months ago) I have lost over 30kg and my fitness has improved greatly. Some of this is no doubt down to diet but I think the fitness regime that I have followed with Tracy has contributed significantly, as has her role in monitoring my progress, which has helped keep me on the straight and narrow.  Working with Tracy is a pleasure and I look forward to my sessions with her, whereas before, I must admit that I approached exercise with a heavy heart. My previous experience of fitness professionals has been unhappy. Generally they have started with “their” programs and expected me to fall in with them, regardless of my physical condition and abilities. Sometimes this has been so poorly thought through, that I have developed injuries and problems that I still carry with me.  Refreshingly Tracy’s approach has been totally different. She has started by asking what I can do and what I want to achieve and designing a program round that. As I have improved she has changed the program to take me onto the next level. Pleasingly, she is open to experimentation, if something does not work, she changes it or finds an alternative that does. I would not want to give the impression that my workout is easy, it is not and I often feel exhausted at the end of it, but just as importantly, I have enjoyed myself. I can feel, as well as see, the improvement in my body.  My balance is much better, my backache is much improved and I can do things now easily that I would have hesitated to contemplate when I started. It is not just me that has noticed these changes and I know my wife has recommended Tracy to her friends.
Tim C, Birmingham

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and expertise over the last 12 months. The sessions have been a lot of fun (something I never expected to say about going to the gym) as well as challenging. I feel so much better physically and mentally and have regained my body confidence – not just because I look better but I also feel back in touch with my physical self and much more confident and comfortable physically. I would definitely recommend you to anyone thinking about how to get fit.
Christine, Birmingham

I recently completed some PT sessions with Tracy. I wanted to feedback how brilliant she is. She revolutionised my training after years of doing the same things.  Her attitude is great, always a pleasure to train with. I just wanted to say how great she is!
Karen K, Birmingham

Dear Trace, thanks so much for keeping me fit during pregnancy and then getting me back in shape after the twins arrived.  I went to the gym this morning.  Ran 5k in 29minutes.  PT must be working!
Micks, Birmingham

I’m attaching a wedding pic – the effort was truly worth it!
Hari, Birmingham

Training with Tracy every week has been fantastic and genuinely life changing.  I had a lot of serious sports injuries from when I was younger that have stopped me running and excluded me from using a lot of equipment in the gym.  Tracy, however, designed routines and introduced me to new equipment and techniques that have not only strengthened my knee and thigh muscles, but allowed me to do things that I haven’t been able to do in over ten years.  Within a few months I was more confident, fitter, and stronger than I had been in a long time.  Not only was my body shape changing from slight rotund to broader and more muscular, but I’m now entering sports events and living a much healthier and fuller life style thanks to the training and lessons Tracy provided.
Osman, Birmingham

I started PT with Tracy in order to improve my fitness and get into shape. Her workouts are innovative and tailored to my needs.  She has been the first person to open my eyes about the importance of healthy eating and is full of great ideas for mealtimes and snacks!  Tracy is a dedicated, professional and inspirational trainer. She is knowledgable and keeps up to date with all the recent research and topics to help us in our training.  Tracy is not only my Personal Trainer but has also become a great friend!
Prachi, Birmingham

When my neighbour suggested I might like to attend Tracy’s Nordic Walking group with her, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect.  But, from the very first session, I was hooked! Tracy explained and demonstrated the technique extremely well and, with her advice and encouragement, I soon felt confident.  It’s wonderful to be outdoors walking with the group and chatting as Tracy leads us through local parks and the Lickey Hills etc, and it’s a bonus knowing that I am getting a workout that includes 90% of my body in such an enjoyable way! I now have my own poles and use them as often as possible. Since starting with the group I have lost over 1 stone in weight and have definitely toned up my whole body! Thankyou Tracy!
Karen W, Birmingham

Nordic walking with Tracy is a sociable way to exercise in the fresh air. I started in October and It has helped me avoid the winter blues. My posture has improved and I feel more toned. I look forward to the walks and I am not an exercise fanatic!  You work hard without being conscious of it. Come and join us, it’s fun.
Fabienne, Birmingham

Since joining Tracy in May 2012 I have gained a real benefit with a more structured approach to my training and overall well-being.  I have the confidence to push myself the extra 10% through the monthly routines and by completing the weekly Training Trackers my performance is constantly reviewed.  Tracy is a real inspiration and all exercises are clearly described and demonstrated on the NE website.
Tim B, Birmingham

I have found Tracy to be a truly inspirational personal trainer.  I am not particularly self motivated when it comes to personal fitness, but Tracy’s motivational style helps me to achieve my goals.  My personal training programme has been specifically designed to suit my busy lifestyle and is updated regularly to make sure that I don’t get bored, but remains challenging. Tracy is always on hand to offer further advice and guidance when I need it.  I also really enjoy the face to face training sessions, at which I work hard, but have loads of fun at the same time – a great way to exercise!
Ann, Birmingham

Personal training with Tracy is amazing. She really listens to you, finds out what you like, don’t like, what your goals are and works with you to create the right programme for you as an individual. I’ve got such a busy diary she helps me carve out some focussed time and her daily blogs are invaluable. The fact that she is explaining to me why I’m doing what I do and the difference it will make long term is fantastic. She is really helping me change my mindset – it’s not just ticking the box on the exercise programme . . . it’s SO much more. I love the support, encouragement and understanding. It’s like she’s a mind reader! Fab, fab, fab. I can’t recommend her enough . . . I’m loving the fact she is helping me make real change, inside out.
Mary, Droitwich

Tracy is excellent at emphasising the benefit of a healthy balanced diet along with the solid training programme. Having completed a food diary for a week, Tracy identified that my carbohydrate intake greatly exceeded my intake of protein. This balance needed to be addressed so Tracy recommended some dietary changes which had an immediate impact. This year I have carried an additional 8lbs around my tummy which I have found difficult to remove. Within three weeks of the change of diet I am back to my preferred weight and look forward to continuing with my new diet along with the great on-line training package and 1-2-1 sessions.
Tim B, Birmingham

Choosing to work with Tracy is one of the best decisions I have made. I have achieved fantastic results, losing a considerable amount of weight and gaining fitness levels to rival someone twenty years younger. With her excellent knowledge and enthusiasm Tracy is committed to enabling you to achieve your goals and more! Training programmes are tailored specifically for you; they are intense and challenging but always achievable. Programmes are regularly reviewed to ensure continued progress & to add variety – boredom is not allowed. Tracy is positive & friendly and makes training fun. She takes you to levels you didn’t realise you had, and convinces you that you really do want to work out. She supports her exercise programmes with sound nutritional and lifestyle advice and is always available to offer encouragement and guidance. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, look no further, Tracy is as good as it gets.
Dawn, Birmingham

I really looked forward to my sessions with Tracy. We hit it off straight away; she is a warm, friendly, enthusiastic person who genuinely seemed interested in my goals and overcoming barriers to achieving them. She showed great empathy and flexibility. She tweaked and modified my exercises constantly to make sure I was able to do them in spite of my limitations – age, bad back, rheumatic fingers, etc. She helped me to be self motivated, giving me exercises to do during my lone sessions and the opportunity to set goals for future weeks.  I always wanted to do well during our sessions – not because Tracy would shout at me to do better but because of her encouragement and positive comments. Tracy believes in people enjoying their fitness sessions not dreading them. Tracy is committed and professional in her approach to her work. She keeps up-to-date with the latest information in the fitness and nutrition world and so would keep the sessions fresh accordingly. Tracy was constantly engaged during sessions, watching to make sure you’re carrying out the exercises correctly and safely and encouraging you at every step of the way. Perhaps my biggest ‘thank you’ to Tracy is introducing me to Nordic Walking which I now love. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer who will scream at you to do more, Sergeant Major style, don’t choose Tracy. But if you want someone who will encourage and inspire you then she’s the one!
Elle, Birmingham

I have been going to Tracy for Personal Training for a few months now on a weekly basis. She works me hard for intensive 30 minute sessions and gives me plenty of ideas of how to supplement that with exercises I can do at home and at the gym. I’ve shied away from Personal Training in the past but Tracy is a very calm person who gets results. No shouting or screaming just positive encouragement and motivation and dare I say it, makes it fun to do. She is very knowledgeable about personal training and nutrition and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kick start to a weight loss and/or training regime. Thanks Tracy.
Kathy, Worcester

Thanks to Tracy I was able to keep training effectively & safely throughout my pregnancy.  Her carefully designed monthly programs kept me very active & ensured I could push myself hard but not too hard. After having my baby she has helped keep me exercising at home with short activities that I can fit in between nappy changes!
Charlotte, Birmingham

Oh Tracy is a godsend. I can now get fitter and stronger in a fraction of the time it used to take (if I ever did it at all!). Now I look forward to my personal training sessions with Tracy – she knows me, knows what I’m capable of and encourages and stretches me in the right way for me. I’m feeling healthier, fitter, more relaxed and loving it. She can turn anywhere into a gym and makes it fun. Her videos, emails and blogs are incredibly helpful too – an all round package. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Mary, Droitwich

I trained with Tracy for a few months and only stopped for personal reasons. The time I spent with her was time and money well spent. She was motivational, had some great tips and provided a challenging and varied workout each time. It was with regret that I had to stop, but I took away some useful tips and learned some great training techniques. Not only this, she has kept in touch with me since, checking on progress and with weekly newsletters. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone that needs some motivation and guidance.
Gemma, Malvern

I met Tracy in September 2012, I have to say I am glad I did as well. Tracy makes fitness fun and exciting and I have to say I trust her 100%.  She is making such a difference in my life and making difference in my disabled partners life too.
Chris H, Birmingham

My body shape has changed considerably in the last 16 weeks and I have dropped 2 dress sizes. My attitude to exercise has changed completely. From seeing it as a chore I now enjoy it, attending the gym 5 days a week, doing everything I can to make sure I do not miss a day. Without Tracy’s training skills, expertise and encouragement I would not have achieved the level of success I have to date, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Dawn, Birmingham

I’ve been training with Tracy for 2 months and not only has she helped me physically achieve my goal but mentally helped me feel more positive about who I am, the way I look and the choices I make towards my health and well-being in the future.
Izzy, Worcester

Thank you for the programme, I really appreciate it! I tried it out by myself today and it was brilliant.
Claire, Worcester

Working with Tracy has changed my life. 12 months ago I got out of bed and broke two bones in my spine. After carrying out a lot of tests I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I was warned there and then that I needed to give up smoking, change my diet and take the medication if my bone density was to improve and reduce the risk of me breaking bones….(I was in deep shock).So I gave up smoking but then the weight started to pile on, none of my clothes fitted properly, I was so fed up, I was between a rock and hard place. I couldn’t smoke to suppress my appetite. So I munched my way up a dress size and into a state of low self esteem, lack of confidence and a depressed state of mind. I knew I needed to do something. I was introduced to Tracy and I decided to sign up with her. Tracy has taught me so much, she’s given me my confidence back and I’m back to being the happy go lucky person I was before I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. My fitness level has improved and I’m back into my size 12 jeans and looking pretty good for a 54 year old, well so I’ve been told. Tracy has been patient and firm but also motivates me to achieve my fitness potential and goals. I’m never bored because she changes my programme on a regular basis and makes my work outs interesting and challenging.  I would recommend Tracy to anyone especially anyone that has had an injury or has Osteoporosis. She is great fun to be with and she has played a crucial part in me getting well. She has helped me to repair my injuries with the right sort of exercise working on the parts of the body that will help me to strengthen my bones and muscles.
Karen Y, Birmingham