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I'm often asked the same things:

  • What kind of dumbbells should I get?
  • How much fat is there in an avocado?
  • Which are the good protein bars?

and other such thoughtful musings that cut right to the heart of fitness, nutrition and how to make it all work. So I thought it might be an idea to put a bunch of useful resources all in the same place. Unless I've clearly stated otherwise I don't get paid to recommend these things, I merely recommend them coz they're good.

These are some great dumbbells. They're hexagonal, so you can do a renegade row on them and they won't roll away on you leaving your nose buried in the floor. Reassuring dumbbells, these. Other hex dumbbells are available - I just happen to like these ones.

Here are some kickass Resistance Bands. What I love about them, apart from the anti-snap, is that they come in a set of different resistances. But even more than that, I love that because of the way they clip to the handles, you can add them together to make your own resistance level. Should you get too strong for the purple, say, you can add the yellow to continue your advancing strength. That's clever design right there.

This is an Encylopedia of Food, developed by the clever folk at Precision Nutrition. They have collated info on a vast array of whole foods, covering

  • where the food is found,
  • how to identify it,
  • which nutrients it contains,
  • how to select, store, and prepare the food

AND recipes. So if you want to check out the nutritional info on any food and get some solid information back, or find out how to make an avocado brownie, this is a resource for you.

I buy my protein powder from Myprotein. I like the ingredients, the taste is good and the price is pretty good too!

Protein bars come from a few places. I like Bounce Balls, Battle Oats and some of the MyProtein range.

That''s all I've got for now, apart from the useful resources down the side bar on the right there - 2 ebooks and blog posts galore.

I hope that's helpful!